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On Mala's Work :
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"The realities simply disappear and all abstract shapes and forms emerge like magic." -- K.M.Adimoolam

" Excellent imaginative work." - Binoy Behl

" You have opened my eyes." -- Vivek Das

" Tremendous sense of graphic design." -- Pradip Dasgupta

" How do you visualise objects through your lens, Oh the artist of a Photographer." - Reboti Bhushan Ghosh

" Wonderful experience! I admire your views, your sense of framing and subject matter." - Prabhakar Kolte

"The images you capture are real aesthetic beauties, such lovely images from ordinary things." - Avinash Pasricha

"Words cannot express how you see nature." - Bibi Ray

"It has composition, texture and is painterly. "-- Jehangir Sabavala

"Fascinating work." -- Rafique Sayed

"Feast of eyes." -- Helen Underwood